Sunday, November 29, 2009

Every Freakin' Time

Other Person (in the middle of some other conversation): You smoke?
Me: Yeah.
Other Person: OK, here take this joint that I just produced out of nowhere.
or alternatively: Really? I never figured you for the kind of person who does drugs.
Me: Wha? ..... CIGARETTES! I smoke cigarettes!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Garden Feeds Me

Admittedly not too much, but hey I gotta geek out about something since we ended up not playing Munchkin last night.

A little over a year ago, I moved into a place that provided me with my first little bit of green space and one of the first things I did after unpacking most everything was to turn to the green space and start planting things in it. I certainly haven't had success with everything (hey didn't I plant some strawberries way back when?) and I've made plenty of mistakes that I hopefully won't be repeating the next time I go on a major gardening kick, but over all I'm really happy with what I've been able to do. I can now make myself a tasty tasty salad and/or add any combination of herbs to whatever rice or pasta I decide to cook up on a given night.

And for reals, spinach straight off the vine is fucking delicious!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's a Hell of a Town

So I just got back from NYC (ok ok so I really got back a week ago but if it's not already obvious I'm kind of lazy...) and it lucks like my Timeline of Suck has officially come to an end. Yipee! I didn't take my camera (read: I can't find my camera) but maybe I can pilfer some photos from my vacation buddies for a later post.

I know hearing about other people's vacations can often be boring so I'll try not to ramble on this one ;)
New York was awesome, as expected. We did less of the touristy thing and more of the just walking around checking out whatever came across our path thing. I didn't see The Daily Show (sorry Ben) but I did wander around the NBC studios trying to hunt down a bathroom. The Ground Zero museum they have going is heartbreaking but beautiful. I want the East Village happy hours down here! The Stonewall Inn was fabulous and the mystery shot the bartender whipped up for me and a friend was delicious. While my vacation mates went to see a Broadway Show, I checked out the NYC Halloween Alleycat race... I still find guys with tattoos on bicycles to be just about the sexiest thing ever. Drool. Why do I have to live in a city with such abysmal public transportation? And I totally need to get me one of those hard cases you can put bikes in to fly with them so the next time I go somewhere I can get around at my own speed. Anything you peeps want to hear about the trip?

Oh, and I also finally got a new car. I'll procur a batch of internet cookies for anyone who can actually guess what my new wheels are. :)