Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Timeline of Suck

Thursday before last: Hot water heater dies; cold front moves in. I start week of showering at the gym and friends' places.
Last Friday: Wreck my car and am unable to find my cell phone or house keys after wreck.
Saturday: No car, no phone and I can't get any friends to come over and let me borrow their phone. Am supposed to get my water heater replaced today but since my landlady can't get a hold of me that doesn't happen. Haven't showered since Thursday night and I still have gasoline and dirt on me from the crash.
Sunday: Finally get hot water again after I'm able to borrow a cell phone from a neighbor and call my landlady. Also get a phone and am finally able to start calling the police and insurance and arrange to get a rental car
Monday: Rental company that is only 5 minutes away from my place is an hour late. Finally get back to my car to get my phone and house keys and everything else out of it. It's pouring while I'm doing this.
Tuesday: Come down with cold and start my period early.

And all this shit right before my NYC trip tomorrow :(
All I'm saying is that next week better be the best fucking week of my life.