Thursday, July 10, 2008

What The Hell Do You Think You're Doing Now?

Good question.

Well once upon a time (about 3 weeks ago I think), I posted a journal entry on my Myspace page about the bikes I own or have owned. Some watery bint then suggested I should make a myspace page for each of my bikes and put them as my top 8. The practical part of my brain immediately responded with "But you don't have 8 bikes..... yet." The not so practical part of my brain countered with, "Why stop at fucking myspace pages? Why not make your own fucking bike blog? Fuckety fuck." And, well, it looks like the usual side won. Plus I have been contemplating starting my own rambling blog (for fuck knows what reason) for awhile as well as leaving behind the crack that is myspace/facebook, so maybe I can do both with one fell swoop.

So what's with the name then? One day at work when I should have been working I started thinking about how cool a bike bar would be. You could have ample bike racks everywhere, maybe even a bike valet, brooks saddles on every stool. Of course they'd serve both coffee and beer and for food you'd have a smorgasboard of fruit, granola, and clif bars. And over the sound system you could play whatever music you felt like as long as no more than 1 person in the bar at the time could recognize the band/artist. Past that they're fucking sell-outs. Could you tell this was a hipster bike bar in my head?

But yeah, Bike Bar stuck in my head as a pretty awesome name for, well, a bike bar or failing that, a blog. Unfortunately a quick google search revealed that there is a bike shop in Aussie land already named the Bike Bar... so with my one track mind I headed over to to find an appropriate replacement for bar. Yes, I readily admit that despite my experience with drinking I couldn't think of any synonyms for bar past pub and saloon. Hell, I didn't even think of tavern. It's all good because I stumbled upon groggery, which not only is just a kick ass word, but also is a "slightly disreputable bar". Fuck yeah that's perfect!

I will never be a bike snob NYC or a Fat Cyclist, nor do I ever expect to come close to their lofty heights. I just want a place to ramble on about the stupid stuff I do on and off the bike in a notoriously bike unfriendly city.


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